Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Choosing a heto and race
I will explore the campaign of Warlords Battlecry 3 with one main hero, that will lead the army, build structures, convert mines, equip items, enter shops, enter quest locations, fight, cast spells, collect retinue and more. Having this in mind, I must design my hero accordingly. There are 4 main traits: Portrait, Name, Race and Class.
1. Portrait is the beautiful face, it have no game effect. Because in games I usually accompany my hero, rather than being the hero, I like creating female ones.
2. Name have no game effect too. Her name will be Miranda (it is the name of the 14th moon of Uranus, named after Shakespeare's characters ).
3. Race have major game effect. It defines which set of armies and buildings we may use, when in RTS screen. I will choose one race that I can always play, and in the course of the adventure more will be available for me. Fey race have an Unicorn unit that cast Healing and Cure spell, I'll take them!
4. Class have tremendous effect. It will affect all fields that can be improved, when the hero levels up. Thus how we play with the hero in RTS. It is a hard decision indeed. I reduced my choices to Warrior, Healer or Sage. If I make her a warrior, she will lead the army and fight fiercely, but when stuck with no healer support, she may easily fall. If Healer, she will be quite support, and difficult to explore alone in early stages. The Sage caught my attention. Reaching level 7-8, she can cast "Call Sage" spell which summons one of three mages: White with healing, Black with balanced speed and damage of attack, or the powerful and slow Red mage. First missions for me will be critical. Another good choice to start is the Paladin with Knights race. Paladins unlock healing magic at level 5, and Archons(level 3 flying knights unit with Cure spell) are excellent support and fighters. Before we begin, there are some key features that are important for my hero: