Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chapter 1. Sundered Isle

Sundered Isle
There we were, me and my loyal hero Miranda, sailing to Keshan on a merchant mission. It was a lovely day, the ship was swaying gently, the sun wasn't so hot and the sea breeze was waving Miranda's hair. But approaching  one of the islands, the horizons become dark and lightnings tore the sky. It was very strange and sudden storm, like it was coming from the nearby Sundered Isle. The isle should be guarded by high elves. They protect the lands  from demons, coming from the Infernal Rift, created in 1032 by a powerful spell. It was off limits to the mortal races and the captain of the ship refused to leave it. He spared some Pikemen and Archers from the crew and we set foot on the shore.