Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chapter 1.1. Exploring the Sundered Isle

Exploring the Sundered Isle
It was raining. Miranda was following the road to the west when two Reapers(level 1 demon unit) rushed toward from the trees. With some agile movement we (I, Miranda and the squad) took them down and continued southwest. At the end of the road another Reaper and a Nightmare (nasty level 2 demon cavalry with Armor Piercing) were guarding a treasure chest. We cleared the way and found a new item, Runelord's Cloak +5 Armor (Items are dropped randomly every game, and even after every load before the drop). Miranda put it on and turned around once to wave it. She looked pleased. Back on the road and north we encountered two more Reapers. And it was still raining. Up ahead  we reached a ruined structure. It was so quiet that the danger was immanent. After we cleared the hiding demons, we found another chest with item in it, Fire Giant's Belt (+3 combat, +10 Fire resistance). Confidently proceeded west to the Infernal Rift where some Nightmares made our adventure harder. They needed to be pulled out one by one. At the north-west we found a wounded elf and his comrades slain. He explained, that a mad Ssrathi, in his anger, tore the rift between worlds and something horrible came out. We were to find this Thing, but first we needed more information from the snakemen Ssrathi. Before we go, we prepared to recapture the rift and apply a main strategy. Playing the Sage, Miranda would rely on Call Sages Spell. Until she get at least 60 mana cap, and level 7 Divination magic, she will be mostly useless and stay on Hold Position. Mages and units with spells are best to be set as Magic Defenders, or Magic Guardians of a strong melee unit.